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Dental Crowns – How to maintain them?

Dental crowns are one of the wonderful restorations in dentistry that can protect weak natural teeth and support their biting and chewing functions. Crowns are made of a number of different types of materials. It is important to maintain oral hygiene and visit our dental office at least once in 6 months to ensure that the crown is in good shape. So how is it like to live with a dental crown in the mouth? How do the food habits change? What should I know before I get a dental crown? These are some of the common questions patients ask us. To get answers to these questions and to know more about cost and other information related to tooth crowns at Bend, OR contact our dental office and meet our team. We will help you with all the information you need to lead a life with better dental health.

Dental Crowns – Soon after the treatment

Once your permanent porcelain crown or metallic crown is cemented over the damaged or decayed natural tooth, our team lets you know about do’s and don’ts when living with dental crowns. You may experience tooth and gum sensitivity during the first few days after the treatment. It is important for patients to note that pain or sensitivity that arises when you bite may mean improper fit of the crown. Patients should inform the dentist about such pain as early as possible. Some adjustments to the shape of the crown may be required to ensure that the bite is correct.

When it comes to food habits, patients have their freedom to eat whatever they like and the caution remains the same as with natural teeth. It is not advisable to bite on ice since this may damage the crown. Other habits such as opening bottles or biting nails should be avoided since they can damage or let the crown come out of place.

Though the crown does not get infected the weak natural tooth underneath it can. The worst part is that, when the tooth within the crown is infected, it may go unnoticed until the patient experiences pain or swelling. Therefore it is important to brush and floss thoroughly to remove food particles from around the restoration and under it. Our team will let you know about the correct methods to maintain oral hygiene when living with dental crowns.

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