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Going to our dentists to get a regular dental cleaning is usually the last thing on someone’s mind and is often avoided. A dental cleaning is an important part of maintaining good oral hygiene so that we do not develop certain health problems. When we avoid things like a dental exam and cleaning, we are allowing things such as plaque buildup, which can cause periodontal diseases.

While cleanings from our dentist are important, maintaining good cleaning on your own is also important since the recommended times to come in and see one of our dentists is only twice a year. Here at Select Care Dental our trained dental staff can give you a thorough cleaning as well as any other dental procedure you may need, including dental implants.

What Does a Cleaning Consist Of?

Cleanings are often dreaded because of the constant poking, prodding, and strange noises going on, but our dentists are here to make sure you get the best cleaning experience. Dental cleanings are typically started with a physical exam and x-rays. Before the cleaning process begins, our dental hygienists will examine your mouth thoroughly to look for abnormalities. Then x-rays are done to ensure there is nothing that cannot be seen by just looking at it and to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Our hygienists will use a mirror to see all angles of the tooth and gums so that they can see things such as gingivitis, or the inflamed gums. After this, our hygienists will go through the process of removing plaque and tartar with the help of a scaler and a mirror. Once it has all been removed, a gritty toothpaste is then applied to the teeth, and our hygienists will then begin the actual cleaning process.

They will then floss the teeth and make sure your gums and teeth look great. The mouth will be rinsed, and depending on the what is needed, a fluoride treatment is applied to the teeth either by a mouth tray or a paste straight onto the teeth. Our dentists will then talk with you and look over your teeth to make sure there are no cavities or fillings that need to be addressed.

The Benefits of Regular Dental Cleanings

Our dentists check up on more than just your teeth, gums, and mouth. They will also notice things like swollen lymph nodes, infections in or around the mouth, and certain conditions and diseases that affect the mouth. Our dentists can potentially save your life by pointing our certain cancerous spots and things of that sort.

Going to the dentist twice a year can help you catch things early on before they spread to other parts of the body and make things much worse. While dental visits are feared and often forgotten about, the benefits will always outweigh the bad that it seems to be. While it may seem untrue, the health of our teeth and gums display many things about the overall health of our bodies. To make an appointment for regular dental cleaning, please call Select Care Dental at (541) 316-5499 to speak with our trained dental staff.

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Dental Cleanings and Exams Redmond, OR | Select Care Dental
Dental cleanings and exams are an important part of good oral hygiene. At Select Care Dental, we can give you a thorough cleaning and exam every six months. Call us today at (541) 316-5499 to schedule your appointment.
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