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A dental crown is a cap placed on a tooth to restore the shape and size as well as strength. A dental crown helps to improve the appearance of a damaged tooth, helping patients to feel more confident in their smile. Here at Select Care Dental, we can provide various types of dental crowns, ensuring patients have the best oral health.

Why Do I Need a Dental Crown?

There are several scenarios in which a dental crown can help to restore a tooth. One of the most common reasons is to protect a weakened tooth. When a tooth is subject to decay, it can break or crack over time. A dental crown will help to protect the tooth, enabling the patient to maintain their natural teeth.

Broken teeth or teeth that have been worn down can also benefit from a crown. The crown will provide more stability and strength, which helps the tooth to last longer. When a large filling is needed due to a cavity, a dental crown may be added for support and coverage. Cosmetic modifications, dental implant coverings, and misshapen teeth are additional reasons why a crown may be added.

Types of Crowns

A permanent crown can be created from several materials. Stainless steel, metals like gold and alloy, resin, ceramic, and porcelain fused to metal are types of materials commonly used for dental crowns. The type of crown used will be determined by several factors, including the damage to the tooth and the support and strength needed.

Stainless steel is a material often used in the temporary form. This type of crown is most commonly used to protect a tooth or filing while a permanent crown is being created from a different material. The crown will cover the entire tooth and be removed when the permanent crown is completed.

Metals can be used to make crowns as well, including those with a high gold content or platinum. Base-metal alloys can also be used, including nickel-chromium alloys and cobalt chromium. The metal options can last for a long period as the material is very resistant to wear. The main drawback to this type is the metal coloring.

Porcelain fused to metal is a popular choice as it can be colored to match your natural teeth. However, the material is subject to chipping or breakage. All ceramic or all porcelain are the top choices for matching natural teeth, with the material used for both front and back teeth.

The last material type often used is all-resin. With a resin material, the dental crown is more affordable, but the crown can wear over time and can be prone to fracturing.

If you have an issue with a tooth or several teeth and a crown is required, we can help you find the right solution for your individual needs. The process is simple and once completed, you will have a brand-new tooth that looks great and functions effectively. For more information about dental crowns, call the experienced professionals here at Select Care Dental at (541) 316-5499 today!

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A dental crown is a cap placed on a tooth to restore the shape and size as well as strength. Here at Select Care Dental, we can provide dental crowns to help restore your smile. Call us today at (541) 316-5499!
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