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Root Canal Therapy – Pain and After Care

Pain is one of the most common feelings associated with root canal therapy. But is it true that root canal therapy causes pain? To find out the answer, one should know why and when this treatment is recommended. It is a popular misconception among people that root canal therapy can be painful and hence it should be avoided. The reality is just the opposite of what people think. The treatment can relieve a patient from the pain caused by tooth decay or infection of the pulp. The dentist essentially removes the infected pulp which may be leading to pain and seals the canal with appropriate material to avoid bacterial invasion. The treatment is performed in the presence of local anesthesia hence patients cannot sense pain during the course. If you have any query regarding root canal therapy, visit our Bend office to find out more.

How to care for teeth after root canal treatment?

The tooth that has undergone root canal treatment and the jaw may feel tender for few days after the procedure. This is quite common and patients should take the medicines recommended by the dentist. The medicines may help reduce pain and inflammation. A temporary filling may be used to fill the cavity in the tooth after the treatment is complete. This may wear out when biting on hard food items. Patients should visit the dental office immediately if the filling falls out. A patient may have to visit the dental practice few days after the treatment to check the progress of healing and the status of the filling. The dentist may restore the tooth using appropriate material during the second visit. Habits like smoking may have to be avoided after the treatment to ensure better healing. Brushing and flossing should continue after the restoration process is complete to improve oral health.

Patients should visit the dental practice immediately when they have fever, experience allergic reactions, experience pain and swelling or when the filling falls out.

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