10 Reasons You Need To See A Dentist

10 Reasons You Need To See A Dentist

10 Reasons You Need To See A Dentist

Although you may be diligent with your oral health, you may still face some dental issues. Dental issues can manifest as a number of symptoms, and often it is not possible to diagnose them on your own.

That is why it is so important to visit Select Care Dental at least twice a year.

Common Reasons You Need To Visit A Dentist

Some of the most common reasons why Americans need to visit dentist include:

Toothache: Toothache usually mean a deep cavity, though it could also be a sign of gum disease. An abscessed or an impacted tooth can also be very painful. A lot of times, toothache may be accompanied by swelling on the face.

Even if you don't experience any problematic symptoms, it is highly recommended you visit us twice a year, at least. Some oral conditions are painless and hidden form the naked eye but Jared Anderson, DDS, and Mark Nuttall, DMD at Select Care Dental can detect them and offer them treatment quickly. To schedule an appointment with us, call us at (541) 923-7633 today.


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