Best Dental Imperfections To Cover With Dental Bonding

Best Dental Imperfections To Cover With Dental Bonding

Best Dental Imperfections To Cover With Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a painless, quick way to have imperfections in your smile corrected. We take a small piece of tooth-colored resin and adhere it to the problem area of your tooth. It is then cured to your tooth and sanded down until it looks and feels natural. Not all imperfections can be fixed in this manner. For instance, dental bonding cannot be used for correcting a crooked tooth, but there are some significant cases where dental bonding is your best bet.

Dental Bonding Cases

The most common use of dental bonding is the use of resin to fix and hide chipped teeth. Dental bonding lends itself significantly well to the problem because of the way the resin interacts with the shape of our teeth. Another common use for dental bonding is utilizing it to fix too-small teeth by 'fixing' them. They can be 'fixed' by using resin to build the tooth out, which will make the tooth appear larger than it actually is. The same technique can be applied when there is a case of a too-short tooth. The resin can be added to the top of the tooth, making it appear longer than it actually is. Sometimes, people also use dental bonding to correct the coloration of teeth because it looks so natural. This is the same material used in creating tooth-colored fillings, so it should be no surprise that the results are fantastic and look completely natural.

How Do I Get Dental Bonding Done?

Although the process is easy and usually free of discomfort, there is sometimes a long process attached to the outcome. For example, we may need to have you come in for a consultation before we can begin anything to review your teeth and dental health. After that, there will need to be a deep cleaning session or two before we can begin any other work. Sometimes, if you are also having fillings done, you may be able to get dental bonding done to teeth at the same time, but it will depend on the condition of your teeth.

If you are interested in exploring what else dental bonding can do for you, or if you can get it for yourself, give us a call, and we'll set you up for our earliest available appointment.


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