Causes Of Your Teeth Starting To Go Numb

Causes Of Your Teeth Starting To Go Numb

Causes Of Your Teeth Starting To Go Numb

A numb mouth is oftentimes experienced with a loss of sensation or feeling. You may also feel like you have pins or needles – a tingling or prickling sensation. Medically, this is what's known as paresthesia.

Why Your Tooth May Start Going Numb

When you have a cavity in your mouth, it can cause part of your tooth to grow numb. The reason that this happens is that you have nerves in your tooth. These nerves may grow slightly damaged or inflamed even swollen when you have a cavity.

Cavities aren't the only reason why your tooth may start to feel numb though. When you play sports and get injured or suffer from an injury to your mouth in some other way, it's possible that your tooth will suffer from this injury. While you may not realize it right away, when you feel like your tooth is numb, it's a good indication that this has occurred.

What Causes Your Tooth To Go Numb And What You Should Do About It?

Regardless of why your tooth is damaged, what happens to your tooth will still be the same regardless. Your tooth's nerve will lose access to the blood flow and nutrients that it needs. This will then cause your tooth to go numb in a way that's like what would happen if you were to cut off the blood flow and circulation to any other part of your body.

When you notice that you have a numb tooth, it's important that you call our office and make an appointment right away. If we are able to see you early enough, we may be able to save your tooth.

Unfortunately, this isn't something we'll know for sure until we see you in our office, which is why we encourage you to make an emergency appointment with us.


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