Dangers Of Setting Aspirin On Your Gums To Try And Ease Pain

Dangers Of Setting Aspirin On Your Gums To Try And Ease Pain

Dangers Of Setting Aspirin On Your Gums To Try And Ease Pain

You feel a dull and throbbing pain down inside your jaw, your mouth hurts like heck when you bite down and wow is that pain sharp when you take a cold drink. The pain is stopping you from going about your normal routine. What do you do for the pain?

Understanding Tooth Pain

The cause of a toothache isn't always just one single thing and is almost always just a symptom of a more serious issue, so, do call our office as soon as possible. When you are able to visit our office, we will do a full examination to determine the exact cause of your pain. From there, we will recommend a course of treatment to not only relieve your pain but to alleviate the underlying cause of the problem to prevent a toothache from happening again.

So Why No Aspirin?

Aspirin is not recommended for tooth pain as it can increase the risk of bleeding when you do come in for your appointment. Also, be careful not to do as some people do with aspirin and apply it to your tooth directly. This can also be very harmful as you may damage your gums because the acid from the aspirin can burn your gum tissue severely.

You can also apply an ice pack against your cheek. This will help to numb the pain. However, be careful and do not apply directly to your tooth, as your tooth may be so sensitive that it leads to increased pain.

These are some quick relief suggestions, but they are only temporary solutions. To erase the pain for good, you need to make an appointment with our office and let us treat the cause and the pain. If you are experiencing any tooth pain anywhere in your mouth, please call the office right away. We will get you an appointment scheduled ASAP.


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