How Does Sugar Damage Your Tooth's Surface?

How Does Sugar Damage Your Tooth's Surface?

How Does Sugar Damage Your Tooth's Surface?

Sugar is bad for your teeth. Everyone knows that, right. Believe it or not, it wasn't always that way. No one believed Aristotle when he first observed that sweet foods caused teeth to decay. But as science has progressed one thing is for certain - Sugar absolutely causes tooth decay.

However, sugar on its own isn't exactly the culprit, rather it is the chain of events that takes place afterward that is to blame.

Your Mouth Is a Battleground

The instant something sweet touches your tongue your taste buds send a direct message to your brain – DEEEE-LISH! Your brain's reward system lights up, ignites and it is off to the races, but it does not do your mouth any favors.

The Role Sugar Plays

Sugar plays a harmful role in tooth decay. The bacteria that form together to become plaque

use sugar as a form of energy. That energy multiplies faster and the plaque grows in size and thickness. Some of that bacteria, even turn the sugar into a sort of glue that they use to stick themselves to the tooth surface which makes it even harder for the bacteria to get washed away with your saliva.

Your teeth are constantly under attack from acids – but the good news is the damage is constantly being reversed. Acids leech minerals from the enamel through a process called demineralization. This process replaces those minerals and strengthens the teeth all over again – and your saliva is a key player. Fluoride is another mineral that helps repair weakened enamel. However, if you continue to eat a lot of sweets and starches throughout the day replacing lost minerals can only do so much to prevent the negative effects of sugar on teeth.

It is vital to keep up a regiment of good oral hygiene and good nutritional health of our teeth and for our bodies. If you are concerned about what you should be eating or how much sugar you are eating and the damage it is doing to your teeth, please give our office a call and let us make an appointment to come in and talk to us and get you on the right track for some preventative care.


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