How Teeth Show Signs Of Stress

How Teeth Show Signs Of Stress

How Teeth Show Signs Of Stress

Your teeth have a story to tell. Just like you can show signs of stress by being irritable or nervous, your teeth can also display signs of stress. It is important to recognize when your teeth are showing signs of stress, so you can come to our office to find relief.

How To Recognize Stressed Out Teeth

We often recognize stressed teeth by the patterns of wear present on your teeth. The teeth may appear flattened, fractured, or chipped. On occasion, we will see an adult patient with loose teeth because they clench or grind their teeth.

A toothache is another way your teeth are communicating to you that they are stressed. If you have an overload of bacteria that is antagonizing your teeth and gums, your teeth will start to hurt, which is a beacon of warning that your teeth are undergoing stress.

A tooth could also have a crack on any surface. The crack can be on the biting surface or just in the outer enamel, or you may have a fully split tooth. This is definitely a sign of stress! Cracked teeth tend to decay faster than normal and can split vertically. They do not have the enamel to protect it, and bacteria can penetrate the inside of the tooth and break it down.

Stressed Teeth Can Get Worse Without Dental Care

If you have a tooth that looks different, is cracked, or has a toothache, it is good to consult with us. We want to help prevent bigger problems. We do not want your stressed tooth to start to decay. Similarly, we do not want your tooth to split or fracture further. We want to help you to feel better. Stop into our office or give us a call, and we will be happy to work you into our schedule as soon as possible. We need less stress in the world, including inside our mouths.


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