How To Avoid The Most Common Flossing Mistakes Adults Make?

How To Avoid The Most Common Flossing Mistakes Adults Make?

How To Avoid The Most Common Flossing Mistakes Adults Make?

Are you flossing correctly? Some people believe they are doing things right, but actually are not following the right steps when flossing their teeth. The following information will dispel any errors along these lines.

What Are Some Common Flossing Mistakes?

One of the most common flossing mistakes people make is not how they are flossing, but when they are flossing. Some patients believe they can let flossing go and just focus on brushing their teeth. However, this is indeed a mistake, as flossing scrapes the sides of the teeth and gets rid of the plaque that your toothbrush cannot reach. Therefore, you need to make it a practice to floss- not just every now and then- but every day. By taking this stance, you will reduce the risk of gingivitis and maintain healthier gums and teeth. Another flossing mistake involves how you are using the floss. Some patients floss or pull too hard on the string, which leads to soreness and sensitivity. You can gently floss between the teeth and do an effective job at removing plaque.

Why Flossing Is Important

While brushing the teeth should be done twice a day, flossing daily is an important supplement to your overall dental care routine. If you want to get rid of harmful bacteria and plaque between the teeth, you need to floss every day. You can also supplement the activity by using a water flosser, on low pressure, to remove any debris and remaining plaque. It takes about 2 minutes to use string floss and another 2 minutes to use a water flosser. Both dental cleaning methods, when combined, will result in a better dental diagnosis.

Do you have any questions about flossing? If so, we can answer them. Give us a call and set up an appointment today for a professional cleaning and exam.


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