How To Make Sure Your Tongue Is Totally Clean After Brushing

How To Make Sure Your Tongue Is Totally Clean After Brushing

How To Make Sure Your Tongue Is Totally Clean After Brushing

Oral hygiene and general dental health is something that is becoming more and more important to the average person. As health insurance has become more accessible and dental care treatments have gone down in price, it is much more common for the average person to see the dentist with much more regularity than they did even a few decades ago.

But one of the things that many people still neglect in their home care routines is something that most of them aren't even aware of; their tongue. Making sure that your tongue is clean is just as important as the job you are doing on those pearly whites. Here are a couple of ways to make sure that you are doing it properly:

Use The Proper Brushing Technique

Unlike your teeth, which require a small, circular motion, your tongue needs a completely different technique. You will instead want to use long, full strokes from all the way on the back of your tongue (as far as you can stand it without gagging) to the front of your tongue. After that you need to rinse your toothbrush. That way you are brushing off the various debris on your tongue rather than simply spreading it around.

Add A Tongue Scraper To Your Routine

This should be done daily, and in the morning if you are only going to do it once. By sticking your tongue out and starting at the back, simply apply even pressure to the tongue and slide the scraper forward. Rinse the scraper and repeat until you have covered the entire surface of the tongue and it feels as clean and fresh as the rest of your mouth does.

For more information about the importance of having a clean tongue, or to schedule a checkup, give our offices a call at your next convenience.


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