How Your Heart Is Affected By Sick Gums

How Your Heart Is Affected By Sick Gums

How Your Heart Is Affected By Sick Gums

There are many people that ignore the health of their teeth and gums. They rationalize this by thinking that the worst thing that will happen is their teeth will fall out and they will need to get dentures.

What they don't realize is the impact that their oral health has on the rest of the body. You may not realize that the health of your gums can impact the health of your heart. Ignoring your sick gums could lead to a much more dangerous condition with your heart.

What The Studies Show

There have been studies done looking at the impact that gum disease has on the rest of the body. The studies show the links between gum disease and osteoporosis, respiratory disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and heart disease. The links have to do with the bacteria associated with gum disease. That bacteria can reach other parts of the body through the bloodstream.

Gum Disease And Heart Disease

The bacteria and inflammation associated with gum disease can lead to the bacteria entering the bloodstream. This allows the bacteria to reach the other parts of the body including the heart. Research links that bacteria to a narrowing of some of the vital arteries in the body. Some of those arteries are responsible for carrying blood from the heart to other parts of the body.

When the arteries get narrower, the restriction of blood will impact different parts of the body including the heart. It can cause the heart to try to work harder. That stress can lead to more problems with the heart.

The studies show that people who take care of their gums and that deal with gum disease properly are much less likely to suffer from problems related to their heart. Good care can reduce the risk to the heart by as much as 40%.

Many people may think that the health of their gums is not a big deal. If they knew the damage it can do to their heart and the rest of their body, they may think differently. Make sure you are taking the steps to care for your gums the right way.

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