Important Things To Know About Treating A Dental Abscess

Important Things To Know About Treating A Dental Abscess

Important Things To Know About Treating A Dental Abscess

What is an abscessed tooth? It is a tooth that has developed a pocket of bacteria and pus in the tissue around the tooth or sometimes down in the root of the tooth. They are very painful if you have never had one.

They are probably one of the most painful infections you can get. It is important to understand that it must be treated as soon as possible. If you are experiencing an abscessed tooth and reading this, please give us a call and we can get you in as soon as possible.

From Your Mouth Down Into Your Organs

An abscessed tooth is dangerous because not only is the pain debilitating, it also can spread throughout your bloodstream affecting other organs in your body. If you have extreme pain, you need to check your temperature and see if you have a fever. If you have a fever and/or swelling of your face, you need to go to an ER immediately if we cannot see you. Those two issues are usually signs that the infection has gotten into your jawline and possibly, your bloodstream.

Can I Just Deal With My Abscessed Tooth On My Own?

It is important to know that it won't go away on its own. It may eventually pop and your mouth will be filled with blood and pus from the area of swelling. This will cause the pain to subside and most people believe it will now go away. It will not. You still need treatment and antibiotics. Our office is happy to help. Also, do not attempt to drain an abscess by yourself.

If you are waiting to get professional help there are a few things that can be done while you're waiting to see our dentist. You can put an ice pack on it for 10-20 mins. Take an over-the-counter pain medication like Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Most importantly, you need treatment from our dental professionals or you may continue to risk your overall health.

Our office is here to help. Come see us for a checkup and teeth cleaning. Then we can look and see if you have any teeth that have early signs of a possible abscess. Healthy oral habits and coming and seeing us twice a year will help you stay healthy and on track. If you have any other questions or concerns, please give our office a call.


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