Is Flossing With Veneers Any Different?

Is Flossing With Veneers Any Different?

Is Flossing With Veneers Any Different?

People who have veneers know the importance of maintaining proper dental hygiene. Many of the materials veneers are made of are more porous than our natural teeth.

Because of this, they are more likely to get stained. You may know that flossing is an important part of keeping your mouth happy. However, did you know that many people face problems flossing when they have veneers?

The most common problem people who have veneers face is being able to floss properly. Oftentimes, people with veneers can't floss properly because their teeth are too close together. When teeth are too close together, it makes it impossible for floss to go in-between them. Some people may even hurt themselves trying to floss between teeth that are too close together.

How To Floss With Veneers

Not being able to floss due to veneers being too close together can be helped in one of two ways. First, people with veneers can invest in a water flosser to help get stuck food free from their teeth. Water flosser are a great alternative to regular floss, and they could help you floss properly. Many of the water flossers on the market today are quite affordable compared to when they first came out too.

The second way to solve this problem is by taking a visit to our office. Sometimes when people have veneers, the dental bonding used to hold them on obstructs the space in-between the teeth. If this is the case, regular floss or a water flosser can't help you floss properly. When dental bonding is stuck between teeth, it needs to be removed.

Flossing is an important part of your daily dental regime. Being able to properly floss is important in order to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. If you think your veneers are preventing you from flossing, please come visit our office. We will be able to help you.


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