Root Extraction Or Root Canal? Which Should You Choose

Root Extraction Or Root Canal? Which Should You Choose

Root Extraction Or Root Canal? Which Should You Choose

Often tooth cracks and decay can extend to your tooth's nerve causing excruciating pain and even infection. In scenarios when a filling is not a viable route to fix this issue, your dentist will generally advise a root canal procedure. Though tooth extraction is also an effective possibility, it might not be the best thing for your problem.

So, how can you know if you should opt for a tooth extraction or a root canal?

Though only a skilled dentist can tell you that for you, this blogpost will briefly dig into both treatment options and help you understand which may be best for your dental needs.

Root Canal

Remember, a good dentist would always do everything in their power to save your natural tooth, and that's why a root canal treatment is a popular choice. It helps your dentist save your natural tooth structure by repairing and restoring the damaged area to its original functionality and shape.

Root canal treatment may be suitable for you if:

•  You have a tooth infection or abscess

•  You have a chipped or cracked tooth

•  You have an inflamed tooth pulp

•  You have deep tooth decay

•  You have pulp injury

Tooth Extraction

Before you opt for this option, know that it can result in lasting implications. After getting your tooth extracted, space formed means that the surrounding teeth can move places over time and lead to severe dental issues.

Tooth extraction may be suitable for you if:

•  You have overcrowded teeth

•  Your tooth has moved or grown to an inappropriate position

•  You are suffering from a gum disease that leads to loose teeth

•  You have extreme tooth infection which cannot be saved through root canal or antibiotics

Whether you need a tooth extraction or a root canal, the experts at Select Care Dental can provide you the best solutions. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call us at (541) 316-5499.


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