Symptoms Of Dental Caries

Symptoms Of Dental Caries

Symptoms Of Dental Caries

Also often referred to as cavities, dental caries are erosions that occur on the surface of the tooth as a result of the harmful effects produced by tartar, bacteria, plaque, and acids in the mouth.

Dental caries typically due to poor oral hygiene, and it is common in both adults and children.

Although it's painless in the start, dental caries can become extremely painful by spreading to the root of a tooth. If left untreated, caries eventually progress into a tooth abscess.

Here are some common symptoms of dental caries that you ought to know in order to be able to identify them in the mouth.


If you have dental caries, you are likely to experience a toothache that can become severe in many cases. Since toothache is a common issue faced by many people, it is easy to overlook it.

Sensitivity To Foods

This is another symptom of dental caries in which you feel sensitivity towards hot and cold foods and drinks. Like a toothache, sensitivity to certain foods is also something that a lot of people experience many times, which is why it is important to get your teeth checked by your dentist regularly.

Holes In The Tooth Surface

If you notice holes in the surface of your teeth, it's a clear sign of dental caries. It is best to get it checked immediately in order to prevent further dental issues.

Pain While Chewing Food

Tooth sensitivity can also cause pain while chewing food, which is another symptom of dental caries. The pain occurs particularly when you eat something hard or rough in texture.

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