Things You Can Do To Avoid Bone Loss In Your Jaw

Things You Can Do To Avoid Bone Loss In Your Jaw

Things You Can Do To Avoid Bone Loss In Your Jaw

Bone loss or jaw degeneration is quite common with people who lose teeth and don't replace them on time. Jaw degeneration occurs when the jaw shifts to fill the gap where the fallen tooth used to be. While this does not happen immediately, after a few years you will notice that your teeth are no longer aligned and they will start overlapping one another. This process is gradual but in a few years, it impacts the way you look. If you want to prevent jaw degeneration, timely replacement of extracted or broken teeth it is important.

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Sometimes, people choose not to replace a missing tooth if it is in the back of the mouth and not used as often to chew food. Some people also try to chew food only from one side of the mouth so that they don't have to get a dental implant. While this may seem like a quick fix, it compromises your overall facial structure and results in bone loss.

Apart from changing the way you look, it also has a huge impact on the remaining teeth since they do not have sufficient support to stand strong. You will eventually start losing more teeth and the longer you ignore this problem the bigger it will grow.

If you have one tooth extracted, you need to visit our experts as soon as your gum heals to discuss dental implants. If you have lost multiple teeth in an accident or due to any other reason, you could consider getting a dental bridge or dentures to protect your remaining teeth, jaw, and also prevent bone loss.

Even your teeth are missing, it's better to act fast and replace it before it becomes a bigger problem. If you want to learn more about how implants can help you, please feel free to get in touch with our experts.


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