Ways Of Figuring Out If Your Tooth Is Cracked

Ways Of Figuring Out If Your Tooth Is Cracked

Ways Of Figuring Out If Your Tooth Is Cracked

If you have a tooth that is cracked, you may not immediately know it. However, there are ways to tell if you have this dental problem. A crack can happen for one of several reasons. It may be the result of trauma, decay, or a poorly fitted restoration. The following information will detail the causes of a crack and the types of cracked teeth. It will also tell you how to figure out if you have a dental crack.

Causes Of A Crack

A crack may emerge from grinding the teeth or from weakened fillings. It can also appear when biting on hard foods, such as hard candy, nuts, or ice. Any abrupt temperature changes inside the mouth may cause a crack to surface.

The aging process may also be to blame if the crack forms from wear-and-tear. Cracks may appear as a fractured cusp, which typically happens around a filling, or as extremely small cracks in the enamel called craze lines. A fractured cusp or craze lines usually do not cause dental pain. Craze lines, too, normally do not need treatment.

Problem Cracks And Symptoms

Vertical cracks may be a problem if they extend into the gum line. In this case, the tooth may have to be extracted. You need to have a vertically cracked tooth treated promptly if you want to save it. A split tooth can be saved, or a portion of it, if it is treated in time. You may have a cracked tooth if you experience dental pain when you bite down or chew. You may also experience sensitivity to foods that are hot, cold, or sweet. Sometimes, the pain may come and go once, but is not recurring. If the gum around the tooth swells, you need to address the problem as soon as possible.

We can help you if you have a cracked tooth. We will first need to find out what types of foods you eat and perform a visual exam. A dental dye may be used to cause the crack to stand out. If you have a vertical crack, a probe may be used to make a diagnosis. Also, x-raying the teeth may help. While x-rays will not reveal a crack, they will show if a tooth's pulp is unhealthy, which may signify a crack. Call us today for an exam and consultation. Make treatment a priority.


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