Ways That Bacteria Get Under Your Gum Line

Ways That Bacteria Get Under Your Gum Line

Ways That Bacteria Get Under Your Gum Line

We already know that one of the major contributors to gum disease, bone decay, and even tooth loss is from problems with your gums. But common issues such as sensitive or bleeding gums, receding gums, and loose or shifting teeth are merely the symptoms and results of the disease, not the cause. That's why today we thought we would take a look at how the bacteria actually get under the gum line to cause so many problems in the first place:

When It First Begins To Break Down

From the very moment, food is chewed up during mealtime or from a snack, bacteria are forming on the teeth, tongue, and cheeks, in other words; your entire mouth. Not only that, but they have the entire time between when you last ate and when you next brush (or at least mouthwash) to find a nice cozy spot to settle in and start spreading. As the food particles begin to dissolve and break down, the bacteria quickly spread and head south below the gum line.

Pockets Develop Under The Gum Line

The long-term effects of this are even worse when not treated by a dental professional. After awhile, little pockets begin to develop between the teeth and under the gums, which help to continue and advance gum disease, leading to even more severe problems. As these pockets fill, the bacteria attack the soft tissue and bone, which keep the teeth and gums attached and secure. Ideally, you want to treat gum disease long before it reaches this stage.

Any stage of gum disease, no matter how early, needs to be examined and treated by a professional. To learn more, simply stop by or call our offices today. This is something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.


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