We Can Change Out An Old, Dark Filling If You Want Us To

We Can Change Out An Old, Dark Filling If You Want Us To

We Can Change Out An Old, Dark Filling If You Want Us To

Regardless of where you are in the world, you are probably standing next to somebody with a filling. Most people have experienced a cavity at one point in their life and have a filling to show for it. Dental fillings can be made from a variety of materials. Some fillings last longer than others depending on your lifestyle, any decay around the tooth, whether you grind your teeth, or any trauma that may have occurred to the filling. At some point though, your filling may need to be replaced, as fillings do not last forever.

Options For Replacing A Filling

Most people do not realize that their filling needs to be replaced. It is important to maintain your regular dental cleanings and exams so that we can assess the health of your filling.

If you have an old dark filling in the back of your mouth, it is possible that you have an amalgam filling, or silver filling. This type of filling is the least expensive and usually the most durable. However, you may want to get it out and exchange it for another filling.

We recommend our patients replace amalgam fillings with composite fillings. The benefit of a composite filling is that the color can be matched to the color of the adjacent teeth. Composite fillings can last up to 10 years in patients with good oral hygiene.

Make Your Appointment

We look forward to examining mouth at your next professional cleaning. We will assess each filling in your mouth. If you want us to take out an old filling, we would like to talk to you about that process. A new filling can improve the way you look significantly! Call our office today to make your next appointment.


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