What Are Your Puffy Gums Trying To Tell You?

What Are Your Puffy Gums Trying To Tell You?

What Are Your Puffy Gums Trying To Tell You?

Your gums are what hold your teeth in place which makes caring for them just as important as your teeth. If you have developed swollen gums, your body is trying to tell you something. Here are a few ways gums can become swollen.

Lack Of Vitamin C

Scurvy is a real threat to those who aren't getting enough vitamin C in their diets. It is important to reflect on your eating habits when discussing oral care as it can very well be one of the causes of many conditions. Swollen and bleeding gums are some of the symptoms people can experience when developing scurvy. If you are struggling to incorporate vitamin C into your diet, there are supplements that pack a huge dose to get you on track!

Gingivitis And Pregnancy

It is common for women to experience swollen gums during pregnancy. This is due to increased hormones and blood flow and there is a term for this called ™pregnancy gingivitis™. Gingivitis is the early, reversible stage of gum disease, and as such it is important to take special care of your oral health. With antibiotics and practicing proper oral hygiene, gingivitis can be taken care of before it develops into periodontitis disease. This also applies to people who aren't pregnant since anyone can develop this infection if they forgo oral care.

Toothpaste Sensitivity

It is possible for someone to be sensitive to some of the ingredients found in common toothpaste products. Both mint and cinnamon flavors contain properties that may irritate some people's gums. In this case, there are plenty of options that are not in either of these flavor varieties. In fact, you can find toothpaste with no flavoring at all- just containing active cleaning ingredients.

If you would like to see how the health of your gums are doing, give our office a call to schedule an appointment. We are here for all of your oral health needs!


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