What To Expect If You Have A Dead Tooth

What To Expect If You Have A Dead Tooth

What To Expect If You Have A Dead Tooth

When you regularly come in for your dental appointments, our dentist can examine you to determine whether you have any underlying issues that need treatment. The dentist can spot a decaying tooth, and advise on the best treatment to prevent the decay from going any further. One of the most common problems that we treat include dead teeth. A dead tooth is a tooth that experiences no blood circulation due to trauma to the tooth or because of tooth decay. Some symptoms point to you having a dead tooth.

Symptoms Of A Dead Tooth

If you regularly inspect your teeth, some signs can help you determine whether you have a dead tooth. For instance, a change in the color of your tooth is a strong indication of a dead tooth. The tooth can darken because of the reduced blood flow. You will also have bad breath and taste coming from your mouth.

Pain is also associated with a dead tooth. The pain can be unbearable or unnoticed depending on the level of decay to your nerves. You can experience swelling around the location of the dead tooth.

Treatment Options

If the level of damage is irreversible, our dentists can recommend two treatment options such as extraction and root canal. Extraction is a straightforward dental procedure that involves pulling out the dead tooth. Our dentist at the facility uses modern techniques to pull out your tooth with minimal pain felt.

A root canal treatment is an effective treatment option that prevents the option of pulling out the tooth. The dentist will clean the infected area of your tooth, and seal it to avoid any further infection.

At our practice, we make our patient's dental our top priority. Visit our clinic to get a thorough examination, to determine the best treatment for your condition.


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