What To Look For In A New Dental Practice After Moving

What To Look For In A New Dental Practice After Moving

What To Look For In A New Dental Practice After Moving

When you move to a new town, there is an old saying that if you can find a good dentist and a good auto mechanic, you're further ahead than most.

Upon moving somewhere brand new it's difficult to know where to find a dental office that fits your needs, especially if you move where you are away from friends and family to make recommendations. Our office is happy to present some tips to point you down the right path.

Start With The Basics

Regular visits to the dentist are important to a healthy mouth. You must find a dentist that is close enough, you will commit to regular visits. Check that their office hours jibe with your work schedule. Confirm with your insurance that they are in-network. Are their dentist's members of the American Dental Association? Once you have those basic questions down, you can begin your search. A great place to start is the American Dental Association, Find-A-Dentist search tool on their website.

Make Sure Your Dentist Will Meet Your Needs

Once you have a list of dental offices that meet the above criteria, we recommend that you narrow the list down to 3-5 offices. Some practices see a high volume of patients. Their time is valuable, and they want to get you in and out. Others may be family-oriented practices that treat each patient as a part of their family. Grab a pen and notepad and begin calling them. Here are some good questions to ask. Does the dentist explain how to prevent any dental problems based on what they notice at each visit?

Ask their procedure for handling dental emergencies outside of the normal office hours. Is there an office billing department familiar with your insurance benefits plan? Do they offer discounts for services not covered by insurance? Ask any personal questions; for example, if you have anxiety before procedures, how do they treat it.

By following the steps above, should lead you to find the best practice for your dental needs. If you have any further questions, you can always contact our office. We are here to assist your oral health needs. 


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