When To Call Us After An Oral Burn

When To Call Us After An Oral Burn

When To Call Us After An Oral Burn

Not everything we do revolves around fluoride treatments, filling cavities, or treating gum disease. We also advise patients on the burns they may receive from time to time after consuming something too hot to drink or eat.

Severe And Non-Severe Mouth Burns

While you can alleviate the symptoms of an oral burn at home, you need to see us immediately if the burn is severe. For example, if you notice white patches or sores in your mouth or the burn does not heal in a relatively fast time, you need to schedule an appointment. If the burn causes you to have problems swallowing or you develop a fever, you need to have the burn examined. Second- and third-degree burns involve swelling, redness, blistering, and severe pain. In these instances, you need to contact us without delay. A less severe burn, or first-degree burn, usually is marked by a mild swelling and pain and minimal skin damage. These types of burns are called superficial burns.

How To Take Care Of First-Degree Oral Burns

Again, if you experience minimal swelling and redness, you have a first-degree burn. To make sure you treat the burn properly, give us a call with your inquiries and set up a consultation. Usually, this type of burn can be treated with at-home remedies that we recommend. For example, to ease the pain, you need to drink or sip something cold, such as ice water. Milk also provides an extra layer of relief. You should also eat frozen or cold foods, such as applesauce, pudding, or sherbet. Avoid any crunchy foods or foods, like peanut brittle, that have sharp edges. It also helps to rinse with salt water. The mouth rinse relieves mouth pain and promotes healing. Use 1/2 -teaspoon salt in an 8-ounce glass of lukewarm water. Rinse the mouth with salt water 3 to 4 times daily. It usually takes a first-degree burn about a week to heal. You should avoid eating spicy or acidic foods and switch to a fluoride-based flavor-free toothpaste during that time.

Do you have any burn-related questions? Maybe you need to schedule an appointment for a cleaning or exam. If so, give us a call today with your inquiries or to set up a consultation.


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