Dental Fillings in Redmond, OR

Dental fillings repair worn, decaying, or broken teeth. Dental fillings are a hard material used to restore teeth by filling up holes produced by tooth damage.

While dental fillings cannot entirely cure tooth damage, they are important to rebuild tooth structure that has been weakened by tooth decay. Brushing twice daily and eating a range of healthful meals will help prevent tooth decay and the need for fillings.

Dental examinations may assist in detecting and treating dental issues early. Inquire your oral health expert about how often you should get a dental examination. 

Getting a Dental Filling

Your dental health expert will remove decay using a drill and other equipment when you get a filling. They will ensure that you feel at ease during the procedure. If necessary, they will provide a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort.

After cleaning and drying the tooth, the hole is filled with a filling material.

The following are examples of filling materials:

  • Dental amalgam
  • Composite resin (alternatively referred to as 'tooth-colored' fillings)
  • Ionomer-glass cement
  • Gold (rarely used)
  • Porcelain.

Each substance has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Particular kinds of material may be preferable in certain circumstances. You may explore your alternatives with your oral health specialist.

Why It is Important to Get a Dental Filling?

If you have decay, it is critical to get Fillings done. If treatment is delayed, the enamel (outer layer of the teeth) begins to deteriorate, exposing the dentin (the hard part below the enamel). Infection occurs when germs in your mouth come into touch with dentin. Once the infection begins, you will have sensitivity and will want Fillings. 

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We recognize the critical nature of regaining our patients' confidence via the use of a bright, attractive smile. Besides providing superior preventive and restorative dental care, we also provide cosmetic dentistry techniques to enhance your teeth' form, color, and alignment. Our caring dentists will work with you to build a treatment plan that meets your needs. We provide a broad range of oral healthcare treatments, rely on best-in-class equipment, and apply cutting-edge pain management technologies to provide inexpensive, high-quality healthcare: continually high clinic safety, cleanliness, customer service, and ethical and transparent hiring standards. For more information and appointments, call Dentist Redmond OR at (541) 923-7633, book online, or visit us directly at 774 Southwest Rimrock Way, Redmond, Oregon 97756.


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