Dental Veneers in Redmond, OR

Dental Veneers are thin, tooth-like shells attached to the front surface of the teeth. It is performed to improve the appearance of the teeth and provide you with a beautiful smile. They are either made of porcelain or composite resin material and are permanently bonded to the tooth.

Let’s understand dental veneers in detail.

What are Dental Veneers?

As discussed above, Dental veneers are relatively thin and are cemented to the front surface of the teeth. It treats dental concerns like chipped, color, broken, or smaller-than-average teeth. 

Some even have one veneer when they have a chipped or broken tooth. On the other hand, some even get six to eight veneers to create a symmetrical smile. 

Procedure Involved in Dental Veneers

Before getting dental veneers, you have to schedule a preliminary appointment with your dentist. In this appointment, the dentist discusses the accurate veneers and the number of veneers you might require. Then, the dentist will take the X-Ray of your teeth to determine that it is healthy for the treatment. If they encounter any signs of tooth decay, gum disease, or the need for root canals, they do not qualify for the procedure. 

If you do not have any problem, the dentist moves ahead with the procedure by trimming down about half a millimeters of your tooth before taking an impression of your teeth.

This impression is sent to the lab to create dental veneers. It takes a week or two to create the veneers. After that time, a next appointment is scheduled to cement the veneers into place. First, the dentist cleans the teeth thoroughly to eliminate any bacteria from the teeth. Then, they roughen the texture by grinding every tooth. 

Then using a dental sealant, they bond the veneers appropriately in the tooth using a UV light. 

It lasts for a decade if taken care of accurately. All you need to do is avoid chewing hard foods, do not open packaging from the teeth, use a nightguard in case of grinding or clenching of teeth, wear mouthguards while playing sports, and eliminate any kind of activities that you think might damage the tooth. 

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