Dentures: Complete, Partial, And Custom

Are you considering getting your teeth replaced with dentures? While planning for these, you will have many questions in mind. The artificial teeth and gums replaced with the original ones are called dentures. Further, you can do full or partial dentures to replace all the missing teeth. Custom-designed dentures are getting common nowadays, and it is made to fit the mouth easily, like the existing teeth.

What are the Dentures Made Of?

Dentures are made from porcelain or plastic. But the present-day dentures are made from hard resin. The materials used might not be durable than natural teeth, but it works wonders. The hardened resin wears down faster, requiring replacing every five or so years.

Types of Dentures

The two main types are full and partial dentures. A qualified professional will help in choosing the right kind, and the dentist can make a recommendation depending on the number of teeth missing.

Full Dentures

Full dentures help to replace all either lower or upper jaws teeth. The conventional full dentures are not inserted right after removing the remaining teeth. Mouth measurements will be taken. Then a custom denture is created to fit inside the mouth. The oral tissues will take time to heal before the denture is inserted.

It takes months for conventional dentures to work. In immediate full dentures, it is inserted right after the remaining teeth are removed. It doesn’t require patients to go even one day without teeth. But the realignment must be made several months before replacement.

Partial Dentures

In case several teeth are missing, partial dentures tend to be affordable, and it doesn’t require any kind of surgical procedure. Partial dentures help to preserve health. You get the beautiful smile back. A dental bridge can be a solution if you have strong natural teeth.

How To Clean The Dentures?

Dentures are required to be cleaned every day. Even though made from artificial teeth, it is prone to bacteria, tartar, and plaque. Wash your teeth twice daily to remove food particles stuck between them. Don’t use toothpaste that is too abrasive for the teeth. The mouth needs to be cleaned even after the dentures are out.

Dentures are beneficial if teeth are missing. Talk to your dentist before wearing dentures. 

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