Mouth Guards in Redmond, OR

Mouth Guards are custom-made fittings for protecting your teeth. It’s the best way to protect the crowns or braces in teeth, and it provides a barrier between teeth, tongue, and cheek tissues for preventing other injuries. Further, mouth guards are best for people who grind their teeth while sleeping, and it's worn on the upper jaws. Many people nowadays have resorted to wearing mouthguards to protect their teeth. 

Many dentists also prefer mouth guards in the lower jaws, especially during veneers or other procedures. Different types of mouthguards are available in the markets.

Types of Mouth Guards

1. Boil And Bite Mouthguard

These are the inexpensive mouth guards that people easily prefer. These are made using thermoplastic materials, and it is placed in the hot boiling water for the guards to soften. 

Many of these guards come in customized sizes to easily fit the teeth. You just have to take them out of hot water for wearing them. And wear it by placing it on your teeth. Use your tongue to fix the shape if you feel any discomfort.

2. Stock Mouthguards

The stock mouthguards are the most widely used in the markets, and these are not costly but work perfectly. Additionally, you get to purchase it in almost all the drug stores. It's used to cover the top teeth and jaws to give perfect shape to your teeth.

The fittings of these mouthguards can be uncomfortable at times, and for some, it creates difficulty in breathing also.

3. Custom made mouthguards

The custom ones are made by dentists especially for you. The dentists will take a mold of your teeth and make it accordingly. These are comfortable to wear and better prone to protection.

It doesn’t slip out even when sleeping, and it prevents snoring and helps in treating sleep apnea. But the custom ones are costly compared to the other. 

How Do Mouth Guards Work While Sleeping? 

Teeth grinding is related to stress, and most people face this problem. Bruxism can wear teeth over time, which can be protected with night guards. People tend to clench their teeth while sleeping. When there is a soft surface, you don’t get hurt. 

The mouth guards have high resistance power and protect upper and lower teeth. For best results, wear night guards in the lower sets at night.


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