Sedation Dentistry in Redmond, OR

Dental anxiety is a common concern, and sedation dentistry can help ease your anxiety. It can help you relax and feel comfortable during any dental procedure. Sedation dentistry offers patients a more comfortable option for dental operations. Patients often have little recollection of the treatments they undertake and exhibit no fear or anxiety while in the dentist's chair.

Sedation Dentistry We Offer

Oral medicine  may assist individuals who suffer from mild to moderate dental anxiety. Dentists may prescribe oral medication to patients to consume before their treatment. 

While you will remain awake after moderate sedation, it is strongly advised that you have a competent caregiver drive you home following the treatment.

How Dental Sedation Works?

When a patient receives sedation dentistry, they will typically take an oral medication that will allow them to relax during their treatment. While they are awake and conscious during the procedure, they are unlikely to remember any of the sounds and sights of the visit. The purpose of sedation dentistry is to relax patients so they won’t feel any pain or stress. It is a safe and reliable way to treat patients who may feel anxiety about visiting the dentist or who require complex dental treatments that may be invasive.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

For more than 30 years, oral sedation has been employed. It is quite secure and comfy. The dentist will first assess the patient's medical history and explain how sedation will ensure comfort.

The patient's oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and heart rate are continually monitored throughout the therapy. Additionally, dentists have a reversal drug that reverses the sedative effect within 30 seconds.

Wrapping It Up

We monitor patients using state-of-the-art portable technology since patient safety is crucial during dental sedation. Our staff is experienced with dental anesthesia and collaborates closely with the treating dentist's office to organize treatment before the planned sedation consultation. 

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