Teeth Whitening in Redmond, OR

Teeth whitening is a safe and effective technique to brighten your smile. It really is among the most prominent cosmetic dental operations, with impressive outcomes. A session in the dentist's chair can whiten stained or damaged teeth and give you a brighter smile.

Different Types of Teeth Bleaching Treatments

You could whiten your dentition in one of 2 directions: have proper help provided by a dentist or use a DIY whitening pack after consulting with your hygienist. 

In most cases, a whitening procedure at a dentist's office can be accomplished in just one appointment. Prior to the operation, the orthodontist will perform a quick examination of your teeth to determine that they are in excellent condition. The gums are protected with a gel, and the teeth are treated with a hydrogen peroxide solution. Following that, the teeth are exposed to bright sunlight that induces oxygen to be generated. Blemishes on the teeth' enamel are removed, and the dentine is whitened.

Laser Whitening Treatment

A similar method is utilized in laser whitening, except a laser is mostly used to stimulate the oxygen in the mixture. 

Your dentist may also be able to offer you a whitening kit to use at home. It will feature a made-to-order tray that appears like a short mouthguard that will be filled with a whitening solution. Complete instructions on how to use the kit correctly will also be included. 

As just a rough rule of thumb, regardless of which type of whitening you choose, it's always advisable to seek guidance from your dentist prior to before starting. 

How Long Will the Teeth Whitening Take?

Although whitening can persist for several years, how long it lasts depends on the product and procedure you use. Regular dental cleanings and good oral health will help you maintain your smile as bright as desirable for as long as feasible. Nutrition, aging, drinking, smoking, medicine, and a variety of other factors, among others, can alter the color of your teeth over a period. The best part is that if this happens, all you have to do is visit your dental professional for a touch-up to keep your teeth intact. 

If you already have crowns or veneers, numerous teeth whitening kits aren't recommended since the peroxide in the treatment won't infiltrate the surface. Your practitioner can recommend the best way to highlight your teeth.


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