TMJ Treatment in Redmond, OR

Any pain in the face or jaw can be quite excruciating, and it’s even worse when you don’t know the reasons. Further, When the joints are not working properly, that leads to TMJ. There is a complex sequence of ligaments, discs, and bones helping the jaws to move back and forth.

Symptoms of Facing TMJ 

If you are facing any of these, you are suffering from TMJ:

  • Pain in the jaw joints
  • Feeling tired in the face
  • Feeling pain when biting
  • Facing toothaches and headaches, etc.

One of the best ways to diagnose TMJ is by visiting the dentist. X-Ray or MRI is also a great way to determine if you are suffering from TMJ. The dentist will show you the complete picture and help you solve the issue.

How to Manage TMJ?

Have a Good Night Sleep

Sleep is so much important from a health perspective. When you sleep well, you are protected from many diseases. Furthermore, you can use pillows to support the neck to reduce TMJ pain. 

It's best if you don’t sleep on your stomach, and it can make the jaws sore and cause pain. When sleeping, don’t place your hand on the jaws.

Sleeping in a Correct Posture

Even if you are sitting in the wrong posture, you will feel the pain in the jaws. It's best to sit and sleep in the proper posture to reduce jaw pains. If needed, you can place a pillow in the back. 

Raise your cheekbones and squeeze your shoulders to give maximum support.

Eating Soft Foods

It's best to avoid hard foods that can cause the jaws to feel the pain. The non-chewy foods are so much better in many ways.

Treatment for TMJ

Sometimes the jaw pains can rise to a greater level, making you see a dentist. Some of the treatments suggested by dentists are:

Physical Therapy

The dentist will help you stretch your jaw muscles to tighten and relax. They might do ultrasounds to check the TMJ and its stage.


If you are not finding relief, you can always opt for surgery. Some can be open joint surgeries, injections, etc. There are traditional surgery procedures to the non-invasive ones.


If you are suffering from pain in the face, neck, jaws, then you might be having TMJ. Learn about TMJ and fix an appointment with the dentist as soon as possible.  Select Care Dental offers advanced treatments for TMJ disease by our dentists, Dr. Anderson and Dr.Nuttall. For more information and appointments, call us at (541) 923-7633, book online, or visit Dentist Redmond OR directly at 774 Southwest Rimrock Way, Redmond, Oregon 97756.


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